::Circle:: GROWdown f. DJ Midas and thee gnomefatty kollektiv – Saturday May 24th

YES YES! Spring has sprung, and the time is ripe to sprout some tasty beets! This month at Flux, Sonic Beating is letting the Circle Massiv take the helm, for an evening of eclectic flavor behavior presented by some of the area’s most experienced DJs.

Under the Circle banner, thee gnomefatty kollektiv has been promoting inclusive sounds and rocking bars, clubs, VFWs, dorms, forests, fields, and barns for over 15 years. gnomefatty members have also helmed the long-running GREEN radio show every Monday night on WZBC for over a decade.

Along with special guest (and local legend) DJ Midas and Sonic Beating resident Ammon EP, we are planning a special night of family celebration and top-notch tunes. Get off your LOG, put down your bowling shoes, and get ready for waves of BASS!

::Circle:: GROWdown @ FLUX
Sat. May 24, 10pm-2am
$10, 21+
@ Machine Nightclub
1254 Boylston St, Boston

your selectors for the evening…

Midas (F500, LFAD, Rareform :: NH)

DJ Midas is a true New England treasure. He has been DJing for over 20 years and is still fresher than most! Midas started to get noticed back in 1994, when he was throwing all nighters at Manchester, NH’s Empire Theater as well as in any warehouse/vacant office building he could get his hands on. Things got busy quick, and by 1995 Midas was playing over New England. In 1997, Midas helped create Operation: Boom, which was New England’s first weekly all night mega party w/ weekly attendance averaging 1500+. Boom featured world class dj’s from around the globe. In 1998 Midas opened Fortune 500 Records in Manchester, NH. F500 featured underground vinyl, cd’s, clothing, party tickets, dj gear, and more. Midas is also the founder of New England’s Fortune 500 Soundforce, which is, still to this day, a collective of forward thinking artists that do it for the right reasons. In 2006 Midas started an online radio show, “Meltdown City,” where he co-hosts with fellow Fortune 500 DJ SP1.

Midas has performed at thousands of gigs, never doing the same thing twice. He dips into house, techno, dub step, ambient, ghetto funk, disco, tribal, drum and bass, trap, downtempo, and more. You can catch Midas all over the northeast; keepin it real at clubs, festivals, and raves.

JK Selsyn

Live remixes of the finest deep-bass tech house and dubby flavor. With a mix of original and others, JK brings the big bass right to the chest, and the sweet high-end of 8bit hihat bliss to stand the hairs on the back of your neck. JK can be heard on alternate Monday nights on WZBC this fall.

jeff mission (circle / sonic beating / beatfix)

jeff mission spins cotton candy for the soul – sweet, addictive electronic blueprints; logical progressions of sound; rocks in a river, with mixes that connect the dots.

ShwillyB (GREEN / circle / Gently International)

ShwillyB, a veteran unicorn enabler, has a knack for pumping slicked back minimal techno house with upbeat number crunching melodies. Expect beat non stop progressivism from someone’s favorite compassionately-conservative value-creating old-school player…and he loves cheese!

Mathwin (circle / WZBC)

Mathwin has been a part of the Boston underground music scene since ‘97, and is grateful for the many wonderful people he has met and unique musical community he has experienced. A dj since ‘99, he specializes in psy-trance, mostly full-on but sometimes with a progressive edge as the mood requires. No matter what speed or intensity, his selections always feature interesting sounds to provoke the mind and creative rhythms to move the body. Featuring sets comprised of a mix of the latest releases and classic tracks from his favorite artists, Mathwin consistently conducts an extraordinary journey.

d.j.lavoie (Circle/Superstition)

d.j.lavoie has been involved with Circle since 2000 and playing music since 2006. He has spun all around town at Temple, Superstition, Ceremony, Xmortis and on WZBC. His eclectic styles range from World Beat electronic, House, Trance, Electro, Downtempo, Industrial and goth.

DJ Pussywillow (gnomefatty / circle / radfae)

Grounded in house music, incorporating tribal, world beat, hip hop, bounce, techno, and spoken word, DJ Pussywillow will travel to the edges of the musical universe in his unending mission to spread joy and bounce booties. Expect much bass – and a few trout!